Wednesday, June 26, 2024

The Last Leg Begins

San Diego, CA

I begin the last leg of my San Francisco Bash early tomorrow morning, setting sail for Newport Beach where my son Luther will join Intermezzo for a stretch.

I've enjoyed my R&R break here on the Police Dock in San Diego. I've actually been socializing!  I was treated to dinner at the San Diego Yacht Club by my good friend Jerry, who took me sailing on a Tiger 7.5 sport boat the next day. I reunited with Jeanne, who crewed with Renee and I on the 2015 Baja Ha-Ha. And I enjoyed really, really nice cool, sunny weather.

We'll complete the last leg in eight segments:

  • San Diego to Newport Beach
  • Newport Beach to Redondo Beach
  • Redondo Beach to Oxnard
  • Oxnard to Cojo Anchorage
  • Cojo Anchorage to San Louis Obispo
  • San Louis Obispo to Monterey
  • Monterey to Half Moon Bay
  • Half Moon Bay to San Francisco Bay

Luther will crew as far as San Louis Obisbpo, then I'm on my own unless someone decides to join me. All the segments are day sails, except for San Louis Obispo to Monterey, which is an overnighter.  Two tricky points to round, Point Concepcion and Point Sur. We'll wait in the Cojo Anchorage and probably round Concepcion at night. Point Sur will require careful departure planning to round during calm weather; if conditions aren't good there is nothing else to do but turn around and sail back 60nm to San Louis Obispo.

The weather forecasts look promising. If they hold, I should be in San Francisco Bay on July 9. But we'll see; I'm taking it one segment at a time.