Friday, June 21, 2024

Last Segment, Second Leg

Pacific Ocean, 20nm NW of Ensenada

We left Ensenada tonight just before 10pm for San Diego, the last segment of the Baja Bash from Los Cabos. We are mildly bashing (BL !) under a near-full solstice moon. There is kelp floating in these waters and we have had to clear the propellers of the weed a few times by running the engines in reverse. We should arrive in San Diego around 9am tomorrow morning.

We pulled into Ensdeana last night at about 8:30pm, ahead of schedule thanks to the little Yammers. We enjoyed a good night's motionless sleep in the Cruiseport marina. This morning we headed to the Port Captain, immigration and customs to check out of Mexico, then enjoyed a nice lunch at Arnstein's favorite taco stand in town. In the afternoon, we cleaned up the boat. We had dinner at Arnstein's favorite restaurant.

It's going to be a big deal for me to be finishing the Baja Bash tomorrow morning. I've been sailing (motoring) since May 8th, many miles under the keels and will have completed two of the three legs of my San Fransico Bash. Intermezzo will be back in the USA and, after a few days rest in San Diego, we'll begin the final leg back to our home port. So much has happened since leaving there in 2015, memories often cause strong feelings to arise, joy, sadness, gratitude, regret, humility. Life sailing Intermezzo  has been full and wholehearted.