Monday, July 31, 2023

Sailing Intermezzo Book - Softcover and eBook Editions Now Available

Book Cover Image

I'm pleased to announce that more affordable softcover and eBook editions of my book Sailing Intermezzo - The Voyage are now on sale at my publisher's online bookstore.  The "deluxe" hardcover edition with color photos remains available for purchase there also. Scroll to my previous blog post for a description of and inspiration for the book.

Readers of this blog can apply the following coupon codes to receive discounts off the list prices:

  • BLOG - receive a 20% discount off the $24.99 list price of the softcover print edition
  • FRIENDS to receive a 50% discount off the $95.00 list price of the deluxe edition

The eBook edition is also available at Amazon and other online booksellers.

Please remember that publishing this book is a non-profit enterprise. All royalty proceeds I receive in excess of the cost of producing the book will be donated to charity.