Saturday, June 10, 2023

My Sailing Intermezzo Book Release

 Penngrove, CA

I'm pleased to announce the release of the "deluxe edition" of my long-awaited book, Sailing Intermezzo, The Voyage. This book combines my blog posts and writings from my personal journal to weave together the story of my sailing voyage from San Francisco to New York with a story of my struggles with love. Readers of this blog will be familiar with the sailing story. The love story reveals what I went through personally during the voyage while I was blogging about it.

My mom was the inspiration for this book. She asked me if I could print out the blog so she could have a hardcopy. When I got the blog converted to printable form, I decided to divide it into chapters and write prefaces for each chapter. When I started writing the prefaces, I realized I had more of a story to tell. And so printing out the blog turned into writing a book.

Writing this book was harder than I thought it would be, painful at times. Finishing the book felt satisfying. I feel both excited and apprehensive as I release it to the wild.

The deluxe edition is a hardcover book of over 600 pages with color photos. I self-published this book and, as it is printed on demand, is expensive. However, for a limited time, readers of this blog can receive a 30% discount off the list price by applying the coupon code BLOGDLX.  The deluxe edition can only be purchased at my publisher's (BookBaby) webstore at

I am working on a "standard edition", a softcover without the photos and an e-book, both of which which will be much more affordable. I expect these versions to be finished by the end of June and will announce their release as soon as they are available. They will be available from BookBaby and all the major online retailers.

Publishing this book is a non-profit enterprise. All royalty proceeds I receive in excess of the cost of producing the book will be donated to charity.