Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Hell Didn't Break Loose

Pacific Ocean, Off Punta San Antonia, Baja California

Well, hell didn't break loose as we exited the lee of Isla Cedros. The wind blew just below 20 knots, there was a decent swell, but it was only Bashing Level (BL) 2 for an hour or so. We did, however, encounter a rogue wave that rinsed the solar panels, ten feet above the waterline. I ducked and was saved an early morning salt water bath.

We've now passed Punta San Antonio and the Sacramento Reef that lies off the point, where we figured we had one more patch of rough conditions to push through. They didn't materialize and so we've been motoring comfortably in non-bash conditions all day and expect to continue doing so the rest of the way to Ensenada.

ETA Ensenada is 1am Thursday morning. When we get there, after beers and some sleep, we'll officially clear out of Mexico, refuel and get some fish tacos. It's a quick turnaround, though. We depart for San Diego just before midnight to arrive there Friday morning.