Sunday, June 16, 2024

Fuel and Helping Hands

Bahía de Tortugas, Baja California

We anchored in Turtle Bay early this afternoon and immediately made arrangements for fuel delivery. Things were looking good with the fuel, the price per liter was steep but not outlandish and the quantity verified correct. The only problem was we didn’t have pesos to pay for it all; I had planned on paying with a credit cart in Asuncion. We had to pay for about half in dollars at and exchange rate of 15 MXP/USD. Today’s official rate is 18.5. Ouch.

When we arrived a single-hander called us on the radio asking for assistance. His dinghy was damaged on his way here from Ensenada and he needed help getting onto the deck of his boat. When we got there, he broke down, telling us how frightened he was in strong winds and big seas, barely able to control his boat, sails getting twisted up, parts of the boat breaking. He thought he might die. His poor dog lay in the cabin, nearly motionless; it probably thought it was going to die, too. We listened to his story, consoled him, got his dinghy on deck and did our best to sort out his boat so that he could sail it more safely alone. He is clearly in over his head and his boat definitely not set up for single-handing. He told me he was bringing it to haul out in Puerto Peñasco, ending where my bash began. I wished him the best, but expect the journey ahead of him will be a difficult one. 

It looks like 6pm tomorrow is a good time for us to leave to minimize bashing and catch some calmer weather for the long leg to Ensenada. Intermezzo should be back in the USA by Friday.