Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sailing to Mazatlan 1

We're on our way to Mazatlan. We left La Paz at 10:00 am after an expensive night's stay in Marina Costa Baja. We had heard it was a less expensive marina, but that's for month long stays, not overnight, which I figured out after we had checked in and done all the paperwork. Oh well. We had a nice dinner of a small roasted skipjack tuna that Renee caught on the way from Ensenada Grande.

The morning's sail north through the Bahia de La Paz was a nice close reach in 10-15 knots with little swell. Then we turned east to go through the Canal de San Lorenzo and the wind was on the nose at 20 knots with very steep chop which we powered through under motor. When we turned southeast to pass through Canal Cerralvo, the wind died and the chop subsided but about every 10th wave is big enough to roll the boat, slam the boom from side to side, just to be annoying.

We're making slow progress at under 4 knots, but we're determined to sail as much of this passage as reasonably possible. At this rate, it will take us almost three days to reach Mazatlan, but that ETA will hopefully improve with periods of increased wind.

So, I made a really big mistake. I forgot to replenish the beer supply before we left La Paz! OMG! I have only three beers for the whole trip! I don't know if I'll make it.

Hmmmm...I have barley, yeast and sugar. Maybe I can make a boat brew?