Friday, December 18, 2015

Puerto Vallarta

We arrived in Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta actually, this afternoon after spending last night in Chacala, a nice little beach anchorage.

The sail to Chacala from San Blas was lovely, a nice cooling breeze propelled us steadily along under blue sky all day. We arrived in Chacala in time for an evening swim, the main point of stopping there. 

Immediately after swimming I was beset by an attack of the coggle woggles. I leave the figuring out what that term means to your imagination. I was sick all night, all day today and going to bed still not well.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better. 

So Renee captained the boat the whole way here, while I moaned, groaned and writhed on the settee in the salon.

We're in a marina associated with a large resort. When planning the trip, it seemed like it would be a nice break from "roughing it" at anchor on the boat. As it turns out, we haven't roughed it at all and I actually like being anchored out more than being in a marina, which is sort of like sleeping in a parking lot for boats. Still, this will be convenient for visitors and as a base for getting some work done on the boat while Renee is away. She leaves in just a couple of days. It will be strange not having her around after being in such close, constant proximity for over two months.