Friday, December 4, 2015

Change In Plans...Again

Well, we started out across the Sea of Cortez, but there is no wind and none is expected until well after midnight. Normally we would motor until we had enough wind to sail. However, our fuel tanks are only about 3/8 full. That's plenty to get us to Altaca, but if we can't get across the bar, which is a real possibility, we have to continue another 120+ miles to Mazatlan in what looks to be highly variable winds. I'm not comfortable with burning through a good portion of our fuel tonight and then being short if we can't get into Altaca to fill up. So we're heading back to La Paz to fuel up and then will leave from there direct to Mazatlan on the next good weather window. On the way we'll stop and explore a couple of the bays we passed by on Isla Espiritu Santo as we were running away from Hurricane Sandra.

It's nice not being on a tight schedule and being able to "go with the flow". Maybe I'm a bit chicken-hearted, but Renee and I came to the same decision after quite some consideration. Bottom line, we wouldn't have left for an almost 300 mile passage with less tanks less than half full. So we're not.