Monday, November 30, 2015

Puerto Escondido and Loreto

We are anchored in Puerto Escondido, about 15 miles south of the town of Loreto, waiting out over a week of continuous northers.

We arrived here on Friday afternoon (27 November). We spent the day in Loreto, hitching a rides to and from with other cruisers who had rented cars. Loreto is a very old, pretty little town. We enjoyed some good food, some locally brewed craft beer, walking around town and socializing with other boat people.

The north winds are forecasted to continue howling until Friday. It's also getting steadily cooler, both air and water. There isn't much to do in this port, so we've decided to rent a car and take a little road trip up to Santa Rosalia, a place we very much wanted to visit by boat but those plans are being thwarted by weather. We'll leave tomorrow and stay overnight at a small hotel. On either side of that trip, we'll be tackling some boat projects and catching up on our reading. It's kind of like being stuck inside at home for a week because of rain and going out to the movies for a break. Only it's on a boat, due to wind and a break at a beautiful historic town.