Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hurricane Update

I'm rapidly getting more familiar with interpreting the text weather bulletins we can access via satellite. It helps to being a quantitatively-oriented (i.e., a geek) with a good grasp of analytical geometry. It also helps having Eric Mears, a sailor with Baja experience that I met via the Leopard cat owners forum, watching out for us and emailing us additional narrative information. Thanks Eric and I'll "pay it forward" to a fellow sailor when I get the opportunity.

I plotted the forecasted track of Sandra for the next few days and calculated the distance to our projected position, taking into account the errors reported for the track forecast. Then I looked at maximum wind data reported for the four compass quadrants and distance with respect to our projected position to evaluate potential hazards.

It looks like we won't see any significant effects from Sandra today or tomorrow. However, by Thursday night, we might see 45 knot winds with 55 knot gusts, if the track deviates by the maximum error; in other words a worst probable scenario based on the most current forecast. So, we'll make sure we're in a snug harbor by then and will be monitoring the forecast closely in the meantime. Our anchor tackle can handle that sort of wind no problema. It might make for an interesting Thanksgiving dinner, though! A true test of my culinary skills, cooking my Pollo de Celebrar in 55 knot winds!