Friday, November 6, 2015

Anchored in Cabo San Lucas

via satellite

We're anchored off the main beach of Cabo San Lucas along with a few dozen other boats from the Baja Ha-Ha rally in beautiful blue-green water. The trip from Bahia Santa Maria was uneventful, with good wind and big following swell most of the way. The wind died at the end and it was a long three hours of motoring with the cape in sight. Passing by the famous arches into the anchorage amongst all the tour boats and jet skis was quite an experience.

We dropped of our paperwork to officially check us and Intermezzo into Mexico with an agent at the dock. Soon we won't be illegal undocumented aliens anymore! Jeanne found a great restaurant through one of her friends with local knowledge called "Mi Casa" on the main square of the town. It is an expansive place, with a couple of large courtyards for dining al fresco, beautiful murals on the walls and numerous little alcoves with Mexican folk art. The food was fantastic. After dinner we went to the Baja Ha-Ha party at the Squid Roe bar, where I enjoyed dancing with my beautiful crew, watched by the numerous envious eyes of the mostly male rally participants.

We have gravitated towards partying with the boats with crews that are either truly young (under 40) or young at heart (like us!). However, this apparently requires me to be more fashion conscious as I have been advised, "Who dresses you? Your shirt's and short's colors clash?", "Lose the hat, the sun has gone down." and had the top buttons of my shirt undone on the dance floor as I apparently looked too dignified for the setting.

The all-male crew of Vitesse has taken a liking to Jeanne. The last night in Bahia Santa Maria, they came by to visit in the middle of the night, fairly lit up after losing and then recovering their dinghy. I feigned being asleep so as not to encourage a long visit. I could here Jeanne shushing them, saying, "Be quiet. You'll wake Steve!" It was like guys visiting you high school aged daughter and any moment "Dad" would get up to yell at them to get lost! I resisted doing so and Jeanne handled them with grace and style. They are a great bunch of guys who we have really enjoyed buddying with on this trip. I'm glad they got their dinghy back and admire that they sailed hard to Cabo with big hangovers, blowing out a spinnaker and jib along the way to get here quickly.

Today I'm going to get my computer sorted out and then there is the final beach party of the Ha-Ha, which we will attend mostly to get contact info from the boats we like that will be heading in our direction to La Paz in a few days.

Jeanne flies out tomorrow. Boo-hoo. We will miss her. She has been a great sailor and Renee and I have really enjoyed her companionship and the good vibe she brings to the boat.