Saturday, November 21, 2015

Moving On From the Calles de La Paz

We're ending our pleasant layover in La Paz tomorrow, leaving for Isla Espiritu Santos in the morning. From there until we reach the town of Loreto, we will be visiting relatively remote anchorages, most of which are located in areas designated as national park or conservation zone.  We provisioned the boat to be self-sufficient for the next two weeks, including a fancy whole frozen chicken labelled "Pollo de Celebrar" ("Celebration Chicken"), for our Thanksgiving "turkey".  It should serve as the center of a decent feast for the two of us.

Renee went on a photo journalistic walk yesterday to capture some scenes from the streets of La Paz to supplement my description of the city in my last post.

Participants in the Revolution Day celebrations returning from the parade

One of the many public art installations along the malecon

The famous and popular malecon of La Paz

La Paz had a significant pearl industry until early in the 20th century

People enjoy strolling along the malecon day and night.

Another scene from the malecon
Palm trees on the malecon getting blown by the frequent winter northerly winds

We walked up and down the malecon dozens of times and never grew tired of it. It's not your typical touristy waterfront; more of a local treasure and part of La Paz life.
Regional Museum of Anthropology and History

One of the many small mercados

A pretty typical commercial street corner

A residential street in the old part of town

Residential street in a newer section of town.

Catedral de La Paz
...and a modern church

The town square

Artwork in progress; a painted gourd using paints made from local natural pigments

The artist at work


Frutas y verduras 
Another artist at work, this time with modern media

La Paz has tons of public art, some serious, some whimsical

Lots of murals, too