Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Bahia Santa Maria

(via satellite)

We enjoyed a day of doing whatever we wanted in Bahia Santa Maria yesterday. Quite a bit of that was doing nothing, just enjoying the sun, breeze and warm water.

I swam about a quarter mile to a small nearby beach, dragging a dry bag containing my hiking gear; an amphibious hiker. My landing was a bit rough through the surf over a reef of shallow rocks. I was wearing a mask and snorkel, keeping a careful look out and fortunately there were no sea urchins, barnacles or other sharp bits that might have made it a more painful experience.

The beach is the outlet for a deep arroyo with abundant patches of wildflowers. I hiked up the arroyo a little way then started climbing up the steep hills to the northwest of the anchorage and was treated to amazing vistas of the bahia, across the barrier beach into Magdalena Bay and up the Pacific coast that we had just sailed down. It was good hiking, mostly picking my own path on the sparsely vegetated hills, avoiding the cholla cactus and other thorny plants with a strong, cooling breeze. I have some good pictures to post when I get to Cabo.

In the evening, everyone got in their dinghies an rafted up at the stern of Profligate, the Ha-Ha mother ship, to meet up and listen to a little music, including two guys who brought their trumpets on their boats. They were pretty good and it was quite fun to see all the dinghies floating together like a big air mat.

Renee kayaked to the event, Jeanne and I took the dink. Renee returned to Intermezzo promptly. Jeanne and I ended up Vitesse drinking rum. Had it not been for Jeanne's good sense, I would probably still be there. Instead, we made it back in good shape and the three of us enjoyed a nice barbecued chicken dinner.

Today is the "famous" Bahia Santa Maria Beach Party. More importantly, it is Renee's birthday.

Happy Birthday R!!!