Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Huatulco to Puerto Chiapas: We Survived the Tehuantepec

We motored through the the night and this morning through no wind and flat seas to arrive at Marina Chiapas around 12:30, completing our crossing of the Gulf of Tehuantepec.  This marina has earned a good reputation with cruisers and I can see why. The facilities are new, attractive and well-constructed and the staff is really friendly and helpful.

This is a "border town" marina, so the check-in procedures are more involved, even for domestic arrivals like us. Intermezzo was boarded and formally inspected by the Capitan de Puerto and Aduenas (customs) officials, just like the boat that arrived after us from Nicaragua. I declared the little air fern that Hannah got me for Christmas as a live plant in our possession, which the female customs agent thought was funny and cute.  That prompted me to show her my little stuffed boat goats, which she found even more cute. So cute that she forget to look anywhere else on the boat for contraband, of which we have none, save for my dentist's daughter's prescription pain medications which he kindly gave to me to supplement our medical kit, but for which such generosity would be difficult for me to explain in Spanish, if so questioned. So I have filed away the air fern-stuffed goat diversion to avoid having to do so for future boardings.

Tomorrow we will figure out the itinerary for our Chiapas land trip and probably go into the nearby city of Tapachula to pick up a rental car so that we can begin that adventure on Friday morning.