Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bahia del Sol, El Salvador: Photo Essay

I finally got around to pulling together this photo essay of our time so far in Bahia del Sol.

Here I am striking the Mexican flag as we crossed into Guatemalan waters.

This is the tricky bar crossing into Bahia del Sol. The waves are bigger than they look in the picture. Note the small pilot boat to starboard. It turns out a boat was lost the day before we entered. It was small cruising sailboat, underpowered with an outboard engine that couldn't keep up with the breaking surf. It broached, rolled and is now broken up on the beach. It's owner survived the foundering thank goodness; I feel sorry for him, losing his floating home like that. We saw his boat in the Chiapas marina while we were there.

A panorama of the Bahia del Sol estuary anchorage.

Sunset in Bahia del Sol 
One of our local neighbors in the anchorage, bringing drinking water home from the tap at the other side of the estuary.
This and the next two photographs were taken in the little village of Heradura, about three miles up the estuary from where Intermezzo is anchored. We stopped here to pick up some basic provisions.

We enjoyed lunch at a waterfront restaurant in Heradura after getting our shopping done, complete with live music as part of a Miller beer promotion.
Here is Miller Beer's new "Most Interesting Man in El Salvador" posing for publicity photos with the chicas. 
More Heradura restaurant scenes.

Dugout canoes, unchanged for thousands of years, still being used as basic transportation on the estuary.