Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bahia del Sol

We made it into Bahia Del Sol this morning. It was an exciting entrance across the bar, with bi surf on either side of the channel and small breakers and whitewater in it. We were a bit apprehensive about attempting the entrance, especially after seeing the boat ahead of us almost broach as it got lifted and slewed by a breaking wave. However, Intermezzo and her crew handled it all easily. I took a video with the GoPro camera and it looks far less dramatic than it felt. The pilot boat got a good picture of us surfing on a wave; I'll try to get a copy and post it.

Bahia del Sol is a nice spot, a wide, calm estuary with some nice facilities for visiting boats- hotel, restaurants, pool, etc., all at very reasonable prices. We checked in to El Salvador quickly and easily as the officials are all located in the marina. There are a lot of helpful cruisers that have been here a long time. Unfortunately, the facilities to haul Intermezzo out of the water reported in multiple cruising guides are not here any more. Which means that if we want to work on the saildrives, we need to beach the boat on a sandbar during low tide. I'm not sure I'm up to that, so will be researching other options.

More posts with pictures tomorrow when I get to wifi.