Thursday, October 1, 2015

Departure Plan

We're still scrambling to get stuff out of our house and moving the stuff we need to the boat, but a departure plan is firming up.

This evening, Renee will drop me off at the boat so I can began to transition it from a floating workshop to a semblance of a floating home. I'll sail the boat up to Petaluma tomorrow and tie up in the Turning Basin. We'll move gear from home to the boat Friday evening and Saturday.

We invite our friends to stop by and visit us at the boat on Saturday to check out Intermezzo (though she is likely to be in a state of mild to moderate disarray and feeling a bit embarrassed to about her appearance). We'll be back and forth during the day, but at least one of us will be on the boat to welcome visitors from 7 pm until bedtime, whenever that is.

We will officially start our voyage on Sunday.  I am going to schedule an opening of the D Street Bridge for us to pass through at noon.  That is, assuming we have tied up enough loose ends at the house to be able to leave it with Beth, Dan, Lauren and Ray in good conscience. It's going to be close, but hopefully they will let us off the hook for a few loose ends that we leave untied.

I'll update this plan if anything changes.

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