Tuesday, October 27, 2015

San Diego to Bahia de Tortugas, Day 2

After leaving crossing the starting line for Leg 1 of the Baja Ha-Ha and leaving San Diego behind us we enjoyed a fine day of sailing until about 10 pm. For dinner we had Jeanne's chicken rice, a delicious comfort food dish her mom taught her to make. Perfect for a first night at sea.

We motored through the night under a full moon that was obscured by fog in the early morning hours, damp and cold. The winds continued fickle and light, so we continued motoring through the day until finally at 1 pm we unfurled the Code 0. The sailing stated off slow but now at 4pm we are booming along with wind behind us in the high teens.

It's nice having a third person on board, especially someone with good culinary taste and skills and who is enthusiastic about learning about the boat, learning how to sail and just about everything else.

I managed to destroy the shackle for the mainsail tack, a combination of bad design and user error when hoisting the sail with the electric winch. No spare, but I used an empty slot at the gooseneck end of the boom to rig a short down haul through a jammer to resist the upward pull of the halyard and lashed the clew to the reefing strop padeyes to counter the outhaul and all seems good. Gilles ( Intermezzo's official rigger) would either be proud of me...or embarrassed to be associated with such a kludge.

Not such good luck with my Mac which has gone completely kaput and won't turn on. That means we can't get our weather routing updates and will have to rely on the once a day macro forecast broadcast each morning by the rally organizers. Hope there's an Apple Store in Cabo!

Current dilemma is that the voyage menu is on the Mac and we can't get to it so we don't know what to make for dinner. We will have to go to manual decision making.