Friday, October 16, 2015

Cojo Anchorage to Prisoner's Harbor, Santa Cruz Island

We are anchored by ourselves in a small cove on the north coast of Santa Cruz Island, one of the Channel Islands roughly opposite Santa Barbara. First time totally off the grid; no cell phone service, just satellite.

It was an uneventful sail of about 50 miles in nice weather. It took a little while for me to notice, but it is definitely warmer here than in NorCal. I notice it the most in the morning, evening and night, when I don't need to put on a jacket and we leave the door to the boat open.

We passed through a pod of dolphins that were working as a pack to herd fish that were jumping crazily 3 feet or more out of the water to try to get away. I think we messed up the dolphins' round up and some of their herd got away from them. Sorry, dolphins.

Renee is trying to hook up with a friend from work. If she does, we'll head to the Channel Islands Harbor on mainland to meet them. If not, we'll probably stay here or at another small cove on the island. Decisions, decisions...

I emailed Jeanne today with a rough menu plan for trip down Baja. Hard to believe we'll be leaving for that leg in just nine days! I secured a berth in San Diego at the Harbor Police Docks on Shelter Island. That will be convenient for running errands for the final prep before we leave the US. I think all our paperwork is in order, but still waiting to receive the Temporary Import Permit for the boat which is being mailed to Jeanne's house.