Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fish On!

(Via satellite)

Great sailing today; warm, sunny, steady winds.

Renee caught a yellowfin tuna, our first fish! She bought this hand rig at West Marine, a different setup than what I was thinking. We set it out behind the boat and I just didn't think it was going to work because the lure seemed way too close to the boat, even though it was dancing very naturally through the water. Renee didn't give up hope and started rigging a "fish on" alarm fashioned out of a piece of line and a soda can. I went to help her tie on the alarm, rolling my eyes at the apparent futility of it only look out at the lure to see a nice yellowfin firmly attached to it. ( I'm calling it a yellowfin because it was a tuna and had yellow fins; maybe it was a different sort. The meat was darker than yellowfin you get at sushi restaurants)

We hauled it in, I dispatched it with a baseball bat (carried primarily for boat security) and set about cleaning and filleting it on my dual purpose workbench/cleaning table, a redwood 2x12 donated by friend Dan.

Jeanne prepared rice and we put the tuna sashimi on top with some soy sauce, wasabi and sesame seeds. Simple, fresh and delicious!