Friday, September 25, 2015

The Final Stretch

After a solid week’s work and some help from my marine industry friends, the boat is getting really close to being ready to leave.

The watermaker is wired up and I ran the pumps for a second or two each. I’m holding off on finishing final commissioning and testing until next week. Once you start using a watermaker, you have to keep using it at least every five days or biological growth fouls the membrane.

The new fresh water flush electric head is installed and working. I tested it with a banana. I laughed to myself while I was selecting the banana at the market, trying to figure out what the appropriate ripeness should be for my flush simulation. I had to use my imagination. You might not every think of bananas the same after this. Sorry.

I worked with Roberto at KKMI to figure out what engine spares to carry and purchased them. Mostly filters and belts, but Roberto thought a spare raw water pump would be a good idea and I agreed. I also had the valves adjusted, a few hundred hours ahead of schedule. It turned out to be a good idea because Roberto said they were pretty far out of adjustment.

The mainsail is at Quantum getting inspected and serviced, promised back for next Wednesday.

We should get most of the house cleared out this weekend. We made good progress last weekend, although it was far more stressful relationship-wise than I would have believed. I think boxing up stuff brought forth a lot of suppressed stress, feelings and emotions. Plus it was 90+ degrees out. Plus we have a LOT of stuff.  Hopefully that’s behind us now and we will be a sounder footing for this weekend’s effort.

Next week will be a busy one. Finishing clearing out the house. Bring the boat to Gilles’ for some rigging upgrades and bend the mainsail back on. Finish the Iridium Go! antenna wire installation. Install padeyes for our tethers and jacklines. See Rose for my last hometown haircut. Officially leave work. Get all the insurance policies confirmed. Start mail forwarding service. Order last items left on purchase list and have them shipped to Jeanne in San Diego.

We’ll bring the boat up the Petaluma River on Thursday to have it closer to home for loading it up with our personal gear and provisions.

There’s a lot to do, but it looks like there is a very good chance we will depart “on schedule” on October 3rd or 4th.  That’s amazing!

I'm starting to say "goodbye" to people. It's a big deal. Especially when saying it to someone who you really care about and will miss.