Monday, September 7, 2015

The Watermaker Is Plumbed!

Well, 90% plumbed. I need a different fitting for the seawater intake line and I ran out of nylon tubing for the "product" (i.e. fresh water) line to get water into the tank, but the rest of the piping is done. I really like how things laid out in the starboard bow compartment accessed through shower of the master head. I actually enjoyed installing this piece of equipment.

Now to wire it up, which is a bit tricky as I need big wires to minimize voltage drop to the pumps. I think I have a good design though.  The wires are going to be expensive; I've spent a lot on copper between the inverter, the solar power and now this watermaker.

If I consider the capital investment costs of all the equipment required, I believe we will be making the world's most expensive espresso on Intermezzo.

Tomorrow I take a rest from boat work and tend to administrative, procurement, and paperwork tasks.

I think we're going to make our October 1 deadline!