Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sun-Brewed Espresso!

One small step for boat, on giant leap for maritime living!

I finished wiring up one solar panel and its controller yesterday evening. I was looking forward to rewarding myself with a cup of espresso to celebrate. The sun was low and partially covered by clouds, but the panel was producing 38 watts, enough to power up the Nespresso machine for one cup if I hurried.

I hustled to the car and back to get the machine. Turned on the inverter and plugged it in. It worked! The only problem was finding a cup that fit the Nespresso machine, which is designed for little espresso or lungo cups. The only one on board that fit was my Pusser's rum cup, bought in the BVI on our first bareboat charter. Pusser's daily toast printed on the cup for Friday is, "A willing soul and sea room". Sounded good, so I drank to that!

So we now have espresso on Intermezzo, fitting for an Italian-named boat, no? And it's brewed by the sun, albeit via some intermediary technology which I suffered greatly installing. But I know I will be grateful each morning and on night watches.