Saturday, August 1, 2015

60 Days Until Departure

It's August 1st so that means only 60 days to go until we leave. We need to get seriously productive.  August will be our big "push" month for boat and house projects so that in September we can prepare logistically, socially, mentally and emotionally for our departure.

Yesterday I started installing the chainplates at the stern of each hull for our Jordan Series drogue, the device we'll deploy in big seas when we want to, or need to, slow the boat down and keep it pointed the right way. I got the starboard chainplate dry-fitted and it all went smoothly and looks good. I need to finish the install by epoxying in the backing plate, bedding the chainplate with sealant and installing the rest of the bolts. Then I have to do it all over again on the port hull.  I'll post details and photos of the installation to share with others when I'm done.

Yesterday was also Renee's official last day of work, although she keeps reminding me that she has one last business trip in September to finalize her transition out. Stopping work is a really big deal to her and I think knowing that she has that trip still out there brings her some comfort.

I spent most of today at a nautical flea market in Sausalito, selling sailing stuff we don't need to offset the cost of buying the new stuff we do need. It was a reasonably successful venture, although the flea market "culture" is new to me and a very different business environment than what I'm used to! I have strong preference for eBay, which I've been using extensively to sell stuff, both nautical and terrestrial. 

There were a lot of long time live-aboard boat people at the flea market. Observing some of them (not all!) as I embark upon my own sailing lifestyle I am vowing to, 1) maintain decent personal grooming, 2) wear decent clothes, 3) stay in decent physical shape, and 4) not drink too much.  I'll take stock of how I'm doing a year from now.