Thursday, August 20, 2015

Curing Perfectionism

I realize that if I'm going to come close to daily posts on this blog I will often need to be brief and to the point. Which is what I need to do tonight.

The boat is curing me of perfectionism. All the current projects are going very well. Very well, not perfect. I strive for the latter. It is impossible to achieve, especially when doing things for the first time in imperfect conditions. I am coming to terms with that. I think that will do me good.

The solar panels are installed. The inverter install is 75% done. We graded the site for our storage shed back at the  house. The garage is getting cleaned and emptied. I did the first read of the installation manual for the water maker- that's going to be a pretty big project.

Both Renee and I are suffering from insomnia due to anxiety. We both feel overwhelmed by all that needs to get done in the next 41 days. More than that, our whole lives are changing. I've managed change in business for a long time and typically deal with it well myself. But the magnitude of the changes we are and will experience personally is pretty big. We must face the fact that we are mere mortals and are affected by change just like other people.