Monday, August 31, 2015

Leaving Home

On Sunday I cleaned out and replaced the goats straw bedding in their pen. This time of year, the bedding lasts almost two months, so I won't be doing this chore again for quite a while. It's not a chore I normally give much thought to while doing, but this time it was a very poignant reminder of how life will change soon and how much I will miss them, Lola and Daphne, and our cats, Thor and Xena. Of course, I know I will also miss my human friends, the ranch and the rest of beautiful Sonoma County.

Lola and Daphne have their own Facebook page which they post on when they get access to a computer, which has only been through me in the past. Hopefully Dan, Beth, Ray or Lauren will help them out every once and a while.

As of tomorrow, only 30 days left. It's looking like we're going to make our October 1 departure date. Renee has made solid progress on the house of the past week. I laid out the watermaker components today and ran the main plumbing lines today on the boat. The watermaker install doesn't seem like it will be as complicated as I envisioned. Hope I'm right!