Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bon Voyage, Sailing, Progress

Our Bon Voyage party on Saturday at Iver's was great; good to see old friends who seem excited about our plans and genuinely wished us well. I felt grateful and a little bit more pressured, in a positive way, to depart on schedule.

We finally went out sailing on Sunday with my mom, visiting from DC and Nicholas and a girlfriend visiting from Vermont. The log shows we hadn't been out since July 19th! That's the longest I've gone without sailing for a long while. It was a great sunny day with 18-22 kt winds. As usual, I sailed the boat while everyone else talked, ate, and drank. Not complaining.

Monday, continued cleaning garage to make space for Dan et. al.'s incoming stuff.  It's going to be a dance, us moving out as they move in.

Tuesday got the wires pulled from the solar panels to the charge controller. Some detail work left to do en route, but otherwise looks good and I'll everything hooked up to start making power on Thursday.

Starting to layout the water maker install; the last big project left. Ordering the IridiumGo satellite communication device today. Getting insurance quotes; underwriters don't like Columbia, so might be changing itinerary a bit to lay up in Coata Rica or Panama instead of Cartagena as planned.

Good progress!