Friday, August 14, 2015

Getting Closer to Power From the Sun

Quite a bit of progress has been made over the past week.

The biggest achievement is the fabrication of the frame for the main solar panels. I'm writing this from the KKMI boatyard with the frame sitting next to the boat on the dock, ready to be lifted onto and installed on the hard top tomorrow morning. I'll post pictures after it's done. The two main panels will generate up to 530 watts of power. Together with the two existing 70 watt panels and a probable fifth 100 watt panel to be installed on the top over the helm station, we'll have a "theoretical" 770 watts of solar power generation. That should be enough to power all the boat systems, make 20-30 gallons of fresh water a day from seawater, and let me make a cup of espresso and blend cocktails at will. Green, carbon-free power!

I also got the starboard drogue chainplate installation completed and the port plate is 80% done last weekend, thanks to help from Luther and a marina angel.

I have the solar charge controllers and appurtenances and the DC-AC inverter ready to install as soon as the solar panels are up.

Dan, Beth, Ray and Lauren are going to look after our house, yard, cats and the beloved goats while we're gone...thank you, thank you, thank you!

I had my doctor take a look at my hand yesterday. We decided to leave the stiches in for a few more days while I'm working on the boat so I don't accidentally open up the wound. Bummer diagnosis, though. It seems like I severed a secondary lateral tendon which is why the main tendon on my finger keeps jumping from one side of the knuckle to the other. Especially when I type. Not sure if I'll need to get it fixed or not. We'll wait until the swelling goes down and the wound is healed. The doctor says I can get it done any time after that, but doesn't think it will be needed.  Given our departure timeline, it will probably have to wait until next summer.  That will give me plenty of time to evaluate if a repair is necessary or not.  It certainly feels uncomfortable and looks gross to me when the tendon "jumps".  Plus I can't type for long, which will be a problem as I am going to try to write a book during this trip.  Oh well, like I wrote previously, it could be worse.  Way worse.