Sunday, May 12, 2024

Puerto Refugio to Puerto Don Juan

Sea of Cortez, Leaving Puerto Don Juan

Puerto Don Juan

Puerto Refugio is one of the most beautiful anchorages in the Sea of Cortez, but I was glad to leave the huge colony of little flies (I call them "bobitos") behind yesterday morning, heading to Puerto Don Juan.

We motored in calm, little-or-no wind conditions until 1pm when the wind piped up and I hoisted the sails. Hard to believe, but we spent the rest of the trip sailing in a 10-15 knot breeze, downwind! I spent a pleasant afternoon cleaning the windows and the salon. Intermezzo is still grimy and dusty from the boatyard.

We anchored in Puerto Don Juan at 5:45pm last evening. I was pleased to find that the bobitos were very few in number, though enthusiastic about my presence. They don't bite, but like to land on you, crawl around on your skin so you notice them, fly off when you swat at them and then, infuriatingly, land in the exact same spot. They also occasionally find their way into you nostrils, their version of spelunking, I suppose.

I guess that the sailing, cleaning, sun and wind took their toll on my, because I was too tired to do anything than just make dinner, read for a bit and then go to bed early. A bit disappointing because there are a few things I would have liked to have got done, had I not felt so spent.

The outboard carburetor is fouled again, like it seems to be at the start of every year. I need to take it apart to clean and get it working before I get to Puerto Escondido, as I need the dinghy to get to and from the mooring there. 

Also, one of my multifunction displays (chart plotter) is acting up, taking several cycles of powering on and off to boot up. Fortunately I have two of these critical navigational devices at the helm, plus a spare in the locker. I hope I don't have to swap the malfunctioning one out. I have too many things on my list already.

Today's passage to Bahía San Francisquito has started out under clear skies, cool temperature, a light breeze and gentle swell from the north.  We have 47nm to travel today, so need to keep boat speed up. We'll motor unless the wind builds to 10 knots or more from a favorable direction.