Friday, May 17, 2024

Marina Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido, Baja California Sur

El Gigante, the beautiful mountain that looms over Marina Puerto Escondido

If Intermezzo has a home port in Mexico, it's Marina Puerto Escondido. I really like this place. It is immaculately maintained and the surrounding scenery is gorgeous. Such quality comes at a price, however. I've been priced out of getting a slip here and even a mooring ball, at $42 per night is expensive compared to anchoring out. Still, I love the place.

I swapped out the malfunctioning MFD (see previous post) this afternoon. The problem persisted, so it must be a data network issue. I'm doing some research. I might try plugging the device into a different socket in the network switch. I want to be careful and not make the problem worse.

It's hot here. I hiked this morning and it was bearable.  I sweltered a bit this afternoon. It's very warm in the boat tonight as I write this. La Paz is supposed to be even hotter.

There is a fishing tournament taking place with over a dozen very expensive sportfishing boats up from Cabo. Not my thing, but impressive equipment.

Partying the night before the fishing tournament

I'll leave here tomorrow afternoon after refueling and sail overnight to Isla San Francisco.

I was lucky and secured a slip in San Jose del Cabo for the few days prior to the Baja Bash, convenient for crew rendezvous, fueling and provisioning. Marinas in Mexico are all at capacity and it's rare to find a slip for a catamaran.

I also signed the paperwork for my slip in San Francisco Bay. Right back where Intermezzo started, on F-Dock at Marina Bay Yacht Harbor. Full circle.