Friday, April 22, 2022

Intermezzo's 2022 Cruise Ends

22 April 2022 
Marina Puerto Escondido

We pulled into the slip from which we departed here in Marina Puerto Escondido yesterday early afternoon, a bit over four months since we departed on January 16. We sailed a total of 1,345 nautical miles.

I enjoyed this cruise. I felt very at home and comfortable on the boat. Overall, I enjoyed sailing with crew more than on my own, but also appreciated the solitude, silence and focus singlehanded sailing. I made great strides in finding enjoyment in fixing things that break on the boat, rather than feeling frustrated and discouraged.

The cruise ended a bit earlier than I originally planned, but I didn't have crew to continue and have had enough time listening to conversations with myself. I would have like to have explored Bahía Concepcion, just north of here, but it will have to wait until next year.

I'll spend the next week or so preparing the boat for storage before returning to land life until early June. Then I'll return, do final prep and haul out for hurricane season by mid-June.