Friday, April 22, 2022

Nice Sailing, Rocky Los Gatos, Peaceful Monserrat

I wrote this post a couple of days ago, but sent it via satellite to the wrong email address, so it didn't post. Here it is, belated news...

20 April 2021
Isla Monserrat, BCS

The forecasted southerly winds actually materialized and we’ve enjoyed two days of downwind sailing.

Yesterday we sailed from Isla San Francisco to Puerto Los Gatos. The winds turned out to be more east than south, which was fine for sailing but not good for anchoring. Los Gatos is completely open to the east and the swell entering the anchorage rocked Intermezzo uncomfortably until well into the night. I turned in early after two rum drinks and a sizable dinner. From about midnight until dawn, life on board was comfortable.

This morning we raised anchor as the swell returned and continued northward to Isla Monserrat. The sailing started out noisy and uncomfortable, the wind not quite strong enough to keep the sails filled as we rode down short but steep swells, the boom banging away as the main sail backwinded then filled again with a snap. We motored for 45 minutes around noon when the wind briefly died, but then enjoyed a steady 15+ knot breeze that stabilized the sails and moved us along briskly on a broad reach.

We are anchored at the north end of the isla, protected from the swell coming from the southeast, gratefully not rolling like last night. The desert island rises gently from the shoreline, a mix of rock and sandy beaches. Flocks of pelicans are actively fishing for sardines, barely rising above the water and immediately wheeling over to make a plunging dive. The sun is setting over the mountainous silhouette of El Gigante on the peninsula to the west. It is peaceful.

Tomorrow we return to Puerto Escondido, our starting point back in January.