Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Sitting Out Another Blow

Intermezzo is safely anchored in Hadley Harbor, a snug anchorage near Woods Hole MA formed by several small surrounding islands. I believe one of the islands is owned by the Forbes family; it must be the one with the giant mansion at the top of the hill.

We're sitting out another cold front. The wind is currently blowing here in our sheltered harbor at a steady 15 knots with gusts to maybe 25. Out in Buzzards Bay, the weather buoy is reporting winds at 25 knots with gusts to 28. I'm glad we're here versus there, especially as winds are forecast to be stronger tonight.

We motored here from Bassets Island against headwinds yesterday. Before we left, we took a nice walk along the beach of the island. Lisa picked up another dozen oysters, even though it was high tide. We ate the oysters remaining from Monday's find as an appetizer last night, we'll eat yesterday's dozen tonight. Yum.

This is a nice place to sit out a blow. The small surrounding islands are covered in trees. The waters that weave between them are flat despite the high winds, reflecting the blue sky overhead. The only boat traffic are small ferries that come and go several times a day from (presumably) Woods Hole carrying a few passengers, sometimes a vehicle, sometimes building supplies or other cargo. Today's high temperature is 70 degrees, which is pleasant, and it is forecast to only to fall to 50 tonight, which is acceptable.

I'm getting a lot of work done.

Hopefully, this front is past us by tomorrow morning and we can continue on our way. I'm trying to plan our route so that we take advantage of forecasted winds, or at least are not taken advantage of by them. Right now, Newport looks like our next port of call. A good place to take on relatively cheap diesel.