Monday, October 5, 2020


Yesterday was a beautiful day in Provincetown, sunny, clear skies and not chilly.

We walked to the grocery store and then hauled 50 lbs of groceries back in two large bags slung over the back of a I returned to the boat to stow the provisions, phone calls and a bit of work. Lisa biked. I had a nice evening run along the shoreline.

We're now on our way to and through the Cape Cod Canal. It's cloudy and grey, but at least we're sailing, downwind in easterly winds.  Swell and wind waves are coming from the east and southeast and when they combine, the boat gets shaken up. Annoyingly unpleasant...but a least we're sailing.

The weather will determine our itinerary and progress over the next week. A cold front with possible gale force winds is forecast for Wednesday and Thursday. Then it looks like another system passes through over the weekend. I don't think we'll make it to Block Island or to my sister's this week; probably hole up in Newport for the weekend.