Saturday, May 18, 2019

Moored in George Town Harbor, Grand Cayman

May 18
George Town Harbor

Favorable winds kept Intermezzo's speed up through the night and day to get us attached to a mooring ball here in Grand Cayman at 17:30 this evening, about 12 hours ahead of schedule. The seas calmed down and the wind and swell shifted to the Southeast giving us a comfortable downwind sail with following seas today, a welcome relief and fine ending for this passage.

We're confined to the boat until the morning when we clear in with immigration and customs, but we went for a nice swim off the boat in crystal clear waters, beautiful coral below us. Nice that free mooring balls are provided so that boats don't wreck the coral with their anchors.

Looking at the log, we've sailed 3,123 nautical miles since leaving La Paz on January 6th and 10,910 nm since leaving San Francisco in October 2015. Intermezzo was built in South Africa and sailed to be delivered to me in California. It won't be long until the boat has 24,000 nm on the "odometer", equivalent to sailing the theoretical circumference of the Earth at the equator. Still going strong!

We're here for a couple days before shoving off for the final passage of this leg of The Voyage to Isla Mujeres.

I might actually have good enough internet connection here to post some pictures tomorrow.