Saturday, May 11, 2019

Enroute to Isla Providencia: Waiting for Wind Shift

May 11
10.0N 80.1W

We've been motoring since leaving Marina Bay at 0930 this morning, the wind coming from a favorable southwest direction most of the day but not strong enough to keep the sails filled in the beam-on swell. The wind has been gradually shifting northwards, if the weather suggestions turn out to be correct, will continue doing so until they are blowing from the east, strong enough for us to start sailing tomorrow morning.

Conditions are good, a moderate, somewhat lumpy swell coming from the east with mostly cloudy skies. It's nice to be out on the open ocean again, not as muggy as it was back in the marina. Josh is getting quickly oriented to the boat and is finishing his first watch. Roy was busy today, rebuilding the head (marine toilet) on the crews' side of the boat. I researched all the offshore dangers on our route- banks, cays and reefs that rise from the deep ocean like mountain spires and plateaus. We must avoid running into them or being drawn into them by strong currents. As long as we know where they are, we can give them a wide berth. These are much different conditions than on the Pacific coast, where the occasional isolated rock and windy capes are the main hazards. I notice on the chart that there is at least one wreck shown at each cay. A poignant reminder to practice good seamanship.

Intermezzo seems happy being back at sea. Nothing has broken yet.