Sunday, March 3, 2019


16 00N 098 08W
Enroute to Huatulco

We had a peaceful sail last night, ghosting along again in light winds. The Code 0 keeps the boat moving along at over 3 knots in only 4 knots of apparent wind (about 6 knots true wind speed). Nice.

The only mildly exciting time of the night was managing a two "vessels meeting on reciprocal or nearly reciprocal courses" situation (e.g. potential head-on collision) with a big ship. COLREGS requires both vessels to turn to starboard. The big ship didn't. Intermezzo did. It's called The Rule of Gross Tonnage. We passed each other with plenty of room, 2 miles, to spare. Actually not even mildly exciting, but it gave me something to do besides gazing at the sea, the stars, the dolphins and babysitting the autopilot.

This morning I switched fishing lures. We haven't had a bite on the two we've been trolling from sunrise to sunset. I also did laundry, which might have been torn off from where it was hanging on the lifeline to dry and hurled violently into the sea when Roy decided to jibe the Code 0. I'm being dramatic. The wind was light. The sail wafted gently into place. It wasn't the least bit exciting.

The wind started building at 1100 and continues to get stronger. We've run the engines much, much less than we have on previous passages along the Mexican coast. It helps that we're not going upwind this time!