Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Bahia Jicarol: Rocking and Rolling

We're rocking and rolling here at anchor in Bahía Jicarol waiting out a Tehuantapecker. The gale force winds in the Golfo de Tehauntapec spread out like a fan, sending swells right into the little bay in which we are anchored, Intermezzo often lying abeam to them and rocking back and forth with gusto. This afternoon we shifted the boat as deep into the bay as we could without getting too close to the rocky shore, but it hasn't helped much. We'll move to another bay with better protection tomorrow.

Last night I realized I'd left my hat on the beach when we went kayaking there. (For those of you who follow this blog, you'll remember that I lose my favorite hat more often than I like, but somehow I've always recovered it...so far.) I was a little annoyed at having to kayak back to the beach in the dark to retrieve it. My annoyance turned out to be a treat. The bio-luminescence was amazing, a dense bright stream of sparkling stars flaring out from the bow of the kayak, a pool of sparkles with each dip of the paddle, a trail like the Milky Way behind me. When I returned to Intermezzo with my hat, Roy had to go out for a paddle to enjoy the plankton fireworks.

Today we got the Code 0 sorted out from our furling failure and hoisted, ready to go. I also spent a fair amount of time underwater, replacing the propeller anodes and cleaning the props, sail drives and slime along the waterline.

The weather forecast is looking good for a Friday morning departure, when the Tehuantapecker subsides.