Sunday, January 24, 2016


Nice sail to from Paraíso to Tenacatita today, about 25 nm with light winds and gentle swell under a clear blue sky.

I deployed our double head sail rig for the second time, running dead downwind under the Code 0 with the jib wing-on-wing. We ran pretty steady at more than half apparent wind speed. A few pushes on the button of the autopilot is all it takes to keep both sails filled. Interestingly, the Code 0 seems to fly well even 10 degrees in the lee, which gives us a 20 degree band to steer within.

The other catamaran that was anchored with us in Paraíso left after us, but motored all the way. We arrivied in Tenacatita at about the same time and are anchored near to each other again. I like that we hardly burned any diesel and had the peace and quiet to listen to a Dave Mathews live concert recording.

We'll be spending the next few days exploring this place, including taking the dinghy through a jungle estuary to a beach with a snorkeling area known as The Aquarium. But first thing tomorrow morning, Marc and I are making a dinghy run across the bay to the town of Manzanilla to replenish our fresh food supply and, most importantly, restock the beer locker.