Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sailing to Chamela

A nice, easy day's sail doesn't make for an interesting blog entry, but here's one written as the sun is starting to set on our sail from La Cruz to Bahia Chamela.

I picked Marc and Marci up from the La Cruz marina in the dinghy and we got the anchor up pretty quickly, on our way before 10 am. Light winds in Banderas Bay meant motoring most of the way to Cabo Corrientes. The wind started building, so by 2 pm we were able to unfurl the Code 0 and start a nice downwind sail in following 6 foot, long period swells. As the wind continued to build, we had to control our speed so that we won't arrive in Chamela before sunrise. So we've furled up the Code 0 and are sailing under jib alone, making a nice 4-5 knots.

Marc and Marci have been enduring mild seasickness very well. It's not a pleasant condition, but they have been steadfast, trooping on through the day. I made a version of Jeanne's Mom's chicken rice for dinner, a nice bland, semi-solid meal for a first day out sailing.

A 3/4 moon is visible up in the sky even though the sun hasn't set yet. Sunset is in about a half hour, then I'll take a nap to rest up to start my 9 pm watch. If all goes as planned, we'll be outside the Chamela anchorage at sunrise.

It's great to be at sea again!!