Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Good News, Bad News


The schedule for the ship to transport Intermezzo to La Paz is firming up.  That's the good news.

The bad news is that the ship is not arriving in Port Everglades until June 18, three days later than the previous schedule.

More bad news is that I misunderstood the previous arrival window of June 14-15 as also being the loading dates. My bad. It takes three days to load the ship. So my new loading window is June 19-21.

Even more bad news is that I misunderstood the seven days sailing time from Port Everglades to La Paz. It is actually seven days sailing after the ship's first stop in Cristobal, Panama, which adds another three days.  My bad, again. So instead of arriving in La Paz per my original calculation on June 23, Intermezzo will not arrive there until July 4-5.

More waiting and now I won't get Intermezzo out of the water before hurricane season "officially" starts on July 1. I'm going to work with my insurance carrier to see if I can get a coverage rider.

Yesterday, divers cleaned Intemezzo's hulls and props so that we will be presentable when we show our undersides on the ship. A vanity cleaning, but also one engine was not getting up to speed due to all the growth on the prop. Stuff grows fast in Florida's warm, nutrient rich waters.

I spent today completing paperwork for loading and clearing into Mexico. The shipping agent will send me a definitive loading day/time as soon as they have figured out the arrangement for loading boats onto the ship. They have to fit together on the deck taking into consideration which boats get unloaded along the way. After Cristobal and La Paz, the ship will continue on from to Ensenada, Mexico and then all the way to Victoria, British Columbia.

My saga continues, but at least with more clarity and understanding. We're getting close!