Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Skidaway Narrows: Intermezzo Sails Again

 It's good to be on the move again, after 13 days in a marina.

Intermezzo is anchored in the Skidaway Narrows, about seven miles south of Savannnah, Georgia. This is an area of winding creeks through marshlands, patches of pine trees and occasional stands of palms. It was a nice, clear sunny day getting here, breezy and chilly most of the day but we ended with a warm-ish afternoon. We saw lots bird life and several dolphins along the way, including a mom and baby who cruised by the boat this evening.

I'm sailing with new crew, Kyndy, who signed on via the CrewSeekers website. She's a physical therapist from Boone, North Carolina who sailed a lot 20 years ago and wants to get back into it, possibly buying a boat for when she retires. Kyndy will sail with me on this leg to Florida, where we will have a crew switch for The Bahamas.

The boat is feeling good- clean, organized and the engines running sweetly. It's nice to sailing again.

We'll be winding our way along the Intracoastal Waterway for a couple days, then I'm hoping to head out into the ocean and do an overnight passage to Port Canaveral if the weather cooperates. It's looking pretty good for the weekend.

Sunset in the Skidaway Narrows