Sunday, January 24, 2021

Approaching Port Canaveral, It’s Warm!

24 January 2021 03:45
28 32.7N 080 20.9W
Approaching Port Canaveral Channel

The wind shifted to the east, blowing strong, around 21:00 last night which required unfurling the jib so we could sail on a close reach. That pulled the boat speed way up, so when we reached the first waypoint for our approach to the Port Canaveral channel entrance, we dropped the main sail to sail on just the jib.

Now we've turned to head southwest and are moving along at a sedate pace on rolly beam swells. We should enter the port somewhere around 08:30 this morning, perfect timing for getting our slip in the marina.

It's warm!

I'm wearing just a light fleece sweater and cracked open one of the salon hatches because it was feeling stuffy and I'm still wearing long underwear. The Gulf Stream is only about 30 miles offshore and it isa an amazing source of atmospheric heat in this part of the world. Very grateful for it.