Thursday, August 13, 2020


 I don't have much to write about Provincetown. It's a lively town surrounded by nice beaches.

We biked up the hill to the Pilgrim Monument (the pilgrims landed here first, then went to Plymouth) and then to a trail that led through marshland to the beach. It was very hot and humid.

When we returned to Provincetown, I had a beer, a lobster roll, oysters and a painkiller. It was still hot and humid.

Ice cream in Provincetown is $5 for a single scoop. I didn't buy any. Even thought it was hot and humid.

I bought Q-tips at the CVS drugstore. The were not in the ear care aisle. That annoyed me. Probably because it was hot and humid.

I returned to the boat, where it was not hot and humid. Lisa remained on land where it was hot and humid until the evening, when she returned to the boat where it was not hot and humid.