Monday, July 15, 2019

Finally, Pictures! From Isla Mujeres, MX to Beaufort, NC

Finally I have enough bandwidth and the time to post pictures from The Voyage, covering our passages from Isla Mujeres to our current location, Beaufort NC.  Enjoy!

The Gulf Stream was pushing us along so fast we stopped to take a swim in 9,000 ft deep water on the way

At first we anchored off of Fort Jefferson, but it was too crowded with tourists and too close to the NPS authorities

So we moved to anchor at the edge of the Dry Tortugas reef, much more secluded and private

This lighthouse keepers' residence on Loggerhead Key is now housing for a research team studying turtles

This structure on Loggerhead Key hasn't fared so well.

Forrest napping on the dinghy

Lisa emerging from the sea, Christine still in it

Intermezzo's crew, Isla Mujeres to Miami, from L to R, Lisa, Christine, Steve and Forrest

View from one of Fort Jefferson's gun portals

View of Dry Tortugas from the ramparts of Fort Jefferson

Fort Jefferson, Dry Tortugas

Sunset on the sail to Key West

Sunrise on the sail to Biscayne Bay

Houses in aptly named "Stiltsville", along the channel into Biscayne Bay

Miami skyline from Intermezzo's stern

Sunrise at the entrance buoy to Charleston Harbor

Now that's a dredge

Lisa standing watch on the foredeck

Fort Sumpter, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired

Rainbow Row in historic Charleston

Charleston churches

Fountain in the garden of a Charleston mansion

Charleston sunset

The Mega Dock at Charleston City Marina, Intermezzo's home for two weeks

Southport, North Carolina
Amy and Lisa goofin' in Southport
Lisa and Steve not goofin' as much in Southport
Snow's Cut bridge, Intermezzo's test for adequate clearance along the Intracoastal Wateway
Looking over Masonboro Inlet

Wetland at Cape Lookout Bight

Old Coast Guard Station, Cape Lookout Bight

Coast Guard Station Lookout on Cape Lookout

Pygmy forest on Cape Lookout

Lighthouse at Cape Lookout

Lisa beach walking along Cape Lookout

Cape Lookout

Steve walking the shoreline of Cape Lookout Bight