Tuesday, June 18, 2019


June 6
Charleston City Marina

We arrived in Charleston this morning around 0900 and Intermezzo is tied to the "Mega Dock" at Charleston City Marina, dwarfed by large motor yachts in this upscale neighborhood.

The trip from Port Canaveral was great. Beautiful weather, some nice downwind sailing, a gorgeous sunset, a full moon, a lovely sunrise. We stopped the boat and drifted yesterday to enjoy midday swim off the back of the boat yesterday in the middle of a super calm, deep blue ocean, 60-plus miles offshore. The Gulf Stream petered out about 2/3 of the way here, perfect for timing our arrival at the sea buoy for the Charleston Harbor entrance channel as the sun came up.

As we drew near the entrance channel I noticed big square area delineated on the chart as a Danger Area, a zone with unrestricted surface navigation but where dredging, laying cables, trawling and other subsurface activities are prohibited. Why? It's a former World War II minefield! Here's how Coast Pilot 4, describes the danger:

"The area is open to unrestricted surface navigation but all vessels are cautioned not to anchor, dredge, trawl, lay cables, bottom or conduct any similar type of operation because of residual danger from mines on the bottom. An "anchor at your own risk" anchorage, within the danger area, is on the north side of the entrance channel...The area has been searched on many occasions and no unexploded ordnance has been discovered. Vessels have routinely anchored in this offshore anchorage for many years without mishap."

I like how the Coast Pilot almost encourages one to anchor in this area! Go ahead, drop your anchor here versus anywhere else...no mishaps...yet.

Katherine's first experience crewing on an ocean passage was a successful experience. She learned a lot quickly and stood her watches well, day and night. It was a pleasure having her on board.

It's a big deal getting to Charleston. We're now out of "The Box", the area of the ocean for which Intermezzo is not insured for damage due to named tropical storms after July 1. We're going to spend the next couple of days exploring the town, then I'll be leaving Intermezzo here for little while to return to California for a business meeting and check in on my land life. I'll post pictures of our recent journey before I leave.