Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Approaching Bahia de Tortugas

Mustique (not Mystique, apologies for getting the boat name wrong for my first blog post...embarrassing) departed San Diego with roughly 140 other boats of the Ha-Ha fleet on Monday morning. It was calm, hardly any wind and has stayed that way ever since. It's now Wednesday evening and we have been motoring the whole time. Ugh.

The weather has been a mix of overcast and sunny with some sprinkling of rain, warm in the daytime, chilly at night. The passage has been uneventful save for getting a big batch of kelp wrapped around the keel, prop and rudder on Monday night. The three of us had it cleared off pretty quickly with no drama. Gary, Eric and I are getting along well and make for a comfortable, competent, laid back team. Our watch schedule has allowed us to get some pretty good chunks of sleep during the night; I enjoyed six hours last night, unheard of luxury on Intermezzo. Mustique clearly wishes she was sailing but is motoring along steadily without complaining.

Tonight we arrive in Bahia de Tortugas around midnight. We've studied the charts, prepared the rode and are all set to drop anchor among the other boats of the fleet as soon as we arrive. We have a big egg breakfast planned for the morning and then we'll enjoy the day's activities on land.