Thursday, November 10, 2016

Puerto Chiapas: Preparing the Boat, Again

We arrived at Puerto Chiapas early Wednesday morning. It was an enjoyable passage and I was a bit sorry that it was over and that sailing is now over for a couple of months.

We had nothing but satellite communication for the election on Tuesday. All our news came in via short texts. We were shocked by the outcome. I am going to keep this blog completely apolitical, other than to say that I'm not sure I would be unhappy staying on this side of Trump's wall for the next four years. I appreciate how affordable everything is here after the peso's post-election plunge in value, but take no joy from the reason why.

We are busy preparing the boat to haul it out and store it on land until we resume sailing in February. The haul out is scheduled for Monday.  Today we washed the exterior of the boat, prepared the watermaker for storage, cleaned and covered the dinghy and made good progress on cleaning and "pickling" the interior of the port hull by wiping it down with vinegar to prevent mold and mildew. The pickling worked pretty well for four months in super-moist, rainy season Costa Rica, so I'm hoping that it will work really well for two months in less-moist, dry season Mexico.

Mexico seems so big, modern and affluent after spending so much time in Central America.

I'm sorting through pictures and will post soon.