Monday, March 1, 2021

Heading Back, Earlier Than I Wanted

I'll catch up on the places we visited over the past few days in a wrap-up post.  I'm feeling a little disappointed because, just when we arrived at some of the most remote and beautiful islands of The Bahamas, weather is forcing us to return to Florida earlier than planned.

We arrived at the Berry Islands yesterday afternoon after a lovely downwind sail from Eleuthera's Current Cut. The Berrys are off the beaten track, mostly unpopulated, surrounded by shallow waters and reefs, teeming with sea life. I was really looking forward to spending the rest of the week enjoying these remote cays, not moving the boat much, snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, laying on the beach, reading. A perfect ending to our Bahamas cruise.

However, the weather is becoming unstable, with a series of fronts developing, confusing the computer wind models for later this week. The forecast for tomorrow is pretty solid and conditions will be good for crossing the Gulf Stream. Amy needs to head home on March 7 and if we don't take advantage of tomorrow's weather window, it is likely we won't get her back in time.

So, today we're heading to Great Harbor Marina at the north end of the Berry Islands to clear out of The Bahamas. Tomorrow we'll depart around noon on a 24 hour passage back to Lake Worth.

I'm sorry to be leaving early, but it's just a minor hiccup in my current privileged existence. As my friend Bill would say, "No whining from the yacht."

The Berry Islands, to be explored another time